Jimmy Alexander

My life

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Hello, My Name is Jimmy Alexander Aya Parales

I was born on January 04th of 1999 In the Espinal tolima, in the hospital san Raphael

I Live at the block G home 18,neighborhood El Recreo

The name of my father is Jose ALexander Aya Garcia, he is Police

The name of my mother is Maria Victoria Parales Orjuela,She is housewife

In my house are two Brothers and i am the oldest

My pet is a perrita of race chiguagua His name is Natacha

My favorite food is Chinese rice

I am a person very happy, Charismatic, Friendly, Good people And humble

I want to study in the university of Ibagué

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I want to study Civil engineer

The sport that I practise is the football

My favorite soccer team is an athletic national

My major fear they are the snakes

My friends

pedagogic exit ibague cineman

The naranjos pool

Person that I admire my mom

I want to travel to Panamá hat

My family Because they are an example of life